The Kool-Aid Essay Contest
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Kool-Aid Essay Contest!

For this essay contest, all you have to do is write an essay about your favorite Kool-Aid flavor! It's that simple. Just tell me what the flavor is and why you love it so much! The rules are:
* It has to be about Kool-Aid.
* It must have 50 to 75 words.
* You must be in the klub to participate.
* No gross stuff and no offending Kool-Aid in any way!
* It must be original.
* You must use the form below. (If it doesn't work, email me.)
* It must be a Kool-Aid flavor.
* You must explain to me why you like the certain flavor.
And most importantly..
* You must have FUN doing it!!!!

I am sooo sorry, but I am no longer able to send prizes to people, but all participants' essays will be posted here for everyone to see!

I will judge the essays when atleast five people have entered, so get busy!! Just use the form below.

Enter the Kool-Aid Essay Contest!!

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