Kool-Aid Flavors Evaluation
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My Evaluation of Kool-Aid Flavors!

This is where I tell you what I think about certain flavors. All of the flavors have a rating (* = yuck, ** = not so great, *** = ok, **** = good, ***** = mmmmmmmm!)
Just remember that this is just my opinion... if you have a different opinion about what I have said, just email me. I'll post it here. I only have a few flavors evaluated right now, but if you know of another flavor that you want evaluated, just email me!

Tropical Punch
MMM MMM good! What else can I say? Tropical Punch was the first flavor created, and it's definately a good one. This is the flavor that got me addicted, so it's always been one of my favorites!

Hmmm... cherry wasn't ever really a favorite of mine...it's Kool-Aid, so it's gotta be pretty good, but it just doesn't have that flavor I like.

Lemonade, being an all-time favorite drink, is good pretty much no matter who makes it (except for Kool-Aid wannabes, like Drink Aid, Flavor Aid, Squeezit, Mondo..junk like that)!

Grape is a favorite of a lot of people, but not really me. I mean, don't get me wrong. I like grape a lot, but...it's just not the best. I guess that's because we never drink it at our hourse due to the white carpets and my mom's crazy about clean carpet, so...

One of the first created flavors, and very good! I think there must have been two different people making the original flavors at Kraft because half of them are not so good, and the other half are just yummy!

Sorry, I'm just not a fan of orange. I think that Tangerine Manderina has a better flavor... sorry, but that's just my opinion!

Manderina Tangerine
This flavor is really good for an orangey flavor drink. I didn't think I would like it that much, but it tastes just like an orange popsicle!! mmmm

Strawberry Lemonade
Very very good flavor! It has a kinda a mix of sour and sweet, making it very delicious!

Watermelon Cherry
Oh, I absolutely LOVE Watermelon Cherry!! It's just got that perfect flavor. I could live off the stuff! If you're one of the dorks that doesn't like Kool-Aid, just try Watermelon Cherry, Tropical Punch, or Ice Blue and you'll soon be a fan!!

Ice Blue
One of my three favorites(Tropical Punch, Watermelon Cherry, and this!) So So good! It's really blue rasperry lemonade. I've also discovered that mixing lemonade and the new flavor, Blue Moon Berry makes something like Ice Blue. Yummy!

**new flavor**
Strawberry Starfruit
I just got done trying this new flavor, and I really liked it! It tastes a lot like strawberry-lemonade, so that's definately a good thing!

**new flavor**
Blue Moon Berry
This flavor tastes a lot like Great Bluedini. It's pretty good, but not the best Kool-Aid makes. I still think they should make a green apple flavor!! Pretty good idea, huh?

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