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The Kool-Aid Klub!

Hi, and thanks for visiting the Kool-Aid Club. This is how the club was started: Four girls, during the Summer of 1998, were at girls camp in Mississippi and the only think they had to drink was, of course, Kool-Aid. So, one night they got thirsty and and decided to drink some Kool-Aid. After about five cups each, they were all hooked. They continued filling up on it until the five gallon container was empty. They were so hyper! I was one of those four girls! Our names are: Kristin, Nikki, Vickie, and me, Holly. Ever since then, we have added a few other members and we still live for Kool-Aid!! This year at camp, we held up the tradition and drank tons of Kool-Aid with tons of sugar!! You should have seen our coolers. They were full of Kool-Aid Bursts bottles! And all four of us had a cooler! It was so much fun. This summer I had to move to Alabama, away from all my crazy friends, but we still keep the Kool-Aid Klub up on the internet and through letters. I know this krazy klub will never die and you can help keep it alive by joining our club and supporting it! Please feel free to look around! And, you can even join the Kool-Aid Klub for free!

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