How to Make Kool-Aid!
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How To Make Kool-Aid

This is where you can find out how other Kool-Aid people make, whatelse? KOOL-AID! There's all kinds of different ways to make Kool-Aid! Email me and tell me how you do it and I'll put it up here for everyone to see!


What you need:
one pack of Kool-Aid, flavor of your choice.
one two-liter pitcher (Smiling Kool-Aid face recommended)
three and a fourth cups of sugar
ice cubes

What to do:
First, fill the Kool-Aid pitcher with about one and a half liters full of cold water. Then, pour in three cups of sugar. Next, slowly mix in the Kool-Aid and watch the water magically change colors! After that, cover the pitcher with foil or cling wrap or something and..shake shake shake! shake shake shake! Shake your Kool-Aid! Then, add the ice and sprinkle the rest of the sugar on top of the ice. I know the pack says to put only one cup of sugar, but who cares!! It's gotta have atleast two cups to be really good! That's the whole point of Kool-Aid!
submitted by: me! (Holly)

How do YOU make Kool-Aid? Tell me!

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