Kool-Aid News
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Kool-Aid News

Hey, this is where you can come to find out all the new stuff about Kool-Aid! The information comes only from what I know and from what other people tell me, so it's not always accurate.

New Flavors!!
I was in the grocery store the other day getting some groceries for my mom, and I naturally made a trip to the Kool-Aid aisle. And I freaked when i saw the two brand new flavors!! I grabbed a bunch of them. I couldn't wait to get home and make the new brand new flavors- Ice Blue Moon and Strawberry Starfruit. These flavors are availible in:
Unsweetened packets
Sweetened packets
5 qt. containers
Kool-Aid Bursts

New Kool Points List!!
This list isn't out yet, but I'm excited just to know that there will be a new one! I'm hoping for more things that have to do with Kool-Aid, not nintendos and junk like that. The only things they had on the last list were the Kool-Aid pitcher and the beach towel. I'll be sure to post the new list as soon as it comes out!

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