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Just for Members!

Are you so proud of your klub membership that you just wanna show it off? Well, now you can! If you would like a kool Kool-Aid Klub membership kard for FREE, email me (my email address is below) and I'll email you my address. Then just send me a SESE, and I'll have your kard back in no time! But wait...there's more! Every fifth member that sends in for a card will get 2 free packs of Kool-Aid!! And there's even MORE!! If you send me two dollars (or one dollar and four 33 cent stamps)with your request for a kard, I'll send you an AWESOME quarterly newsletter for the year 2000! And, each issue will come with a pack of Kool-Aid with an article all about that flavor!! Just email me and in no time you'll have a kool new Kool-Aid Klub kard..and maybe the newsletter too!!

Just click on the kool transforming Koolaid packet to go back to the Kool-Aid klub!

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