Kool-Aid Points
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Kool-Aid Points

Kool-Aid Points are the proofs of purchase on all Kool-Aid projects. I am collecting points, and I so far only have about 400. I've already spent 180 on three Koolaid pitchers for me and my two fellow Kool-Aid members.

At the moment, you cannot use your Kool-Aid points to get free things from Kraft, but the new list of Kool-Aid points prizes are coming out sometime in March. In the meantime, just keep saving those points so you'll have plenty when the new list gets here! As soon as it does, I'll post it here. If you want to get something from the lists from past years, you cannot get those things with your points. You can, however, go to an auction site, such as Ebay, and they have plenty of old Kool-Aid things for you to buy. There is a link for Ebay at the bottom of the page. Come back sometime in March for the new 2000 list of Kool-Aid points prizes!!

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