The Never Ending Kool-Aid Story
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The Never Ending Kool-Aid Story!!

I will start a story and if you think you can continue it, just use the form and if it's suitable, I'll add it to the story! Don't ever end the story! Keep it going. And remember to keep it G rated! Here's the story...

One day, the Kool-Aid man was creating a new flavor and suddenly the Flavor-Aid kids broke into the Kool-Aid factory and stole the recipe for the new flavor. "Oh no!" screamed the Kool-Aid man.... (by Holly)

So the kool-aid man chased after the kids ....but he was too big and fat too catch they flavor-aid kids took the kool-aid recipe home and they copied all the ingredients and sold the ideas and named them kewl-aid ...the kool-aid man was furious so he sent wave after wave of troical punch pouring down on them and when it went by them they were covered in sugar and were all red colored.....(by Kevin)

But the Kool-Aid man suddenly had an idea. He passed a movie rental place and in the window he saw the Tae-Bo tape. He ran inside, grabbed the tape and threw some Kool-Aid points at the guy at the cash register. He jumped in the back of his limo and shoved the tape in his big screen tv (it's a really nice limo). he did the basic workout tape then the advanced one in the total time of 5 minutes. he jumped out of his limo and... (by: Autumn)

was still furious about the kids stealing his new recipe. He decided that he would give them a taste of their own medicine, so he... (by: Bridgette)

Set out to find the Flavor-Aid kids. He searched everywhere and finally found them at a factory making more of HIS kool-aid! This really made the kool-aid man mad. He then started to use his Tae-Bo on the kids. It worked only for a short time because the flavor-aid kids had also done some researching. It just so happens that the kids had rented a movie on the fine art of karate! He sure was in trouble now.... (by: Lindsey)

So, the kool-aid man went outside of the factory and tried thinking REAL hard. He just couldn't think of anything, so he sat in a mud puddle...(by: Vickie)

Suddenly, he felt his muscles growing stronger and bigger. He stood up and realized that he had grown seventy-five feet!! He went to the library and did some research on mud. He discovered that mud combined with Kool-Aid equals SUPER KOOL-AID MAN!! He went back to where the Flavor Aid kids were and pulled the roof off the factory. They were really in for it now...(by: me, Holly! =)

The Super Kool-Aid Man decided he would take back what was rightfully his. But there was one thing that the Kool-Aid man had forgotten, the key ingredient in the Kool-Aid that made him so Super! Once the kids saw what happened to the Kool-Aid man, the mixed a brew of Kool-Aid and mud to become their own Super Kids... (by: Brandon)

So, the Kool-Aid man was really scared now! He went to his house and took a long bath in some tropical punch, and thought long and hard about what to do. Finally, he thought of a great idea! He would make sure the Flavor-Aid kids were watching him one day in his factory and he would make a new flavor called... salt and pepper flavored Kool-Aid. He would make sure they thought it would be a great flavor and then they would make it and surely go out of business... (by: who else? Holly!)

So the Kool-aid man began working on the new flavor in his lab.. when he was sure the kool-aid kids were watching... he made sure they could see it all. Finally he finished and the kool-aid kids took the idea back to the plant and they made it and distributed it throughout the world.... except the plan backfired and some crazy people in the world just seemed to love it but yet half the world hated it ..this only put the kewl-aid factory in a minor setback... sooo the kool-aid man once again had to think of another idea...(by: Kevin)

So, the Kool-Aid man decided to think of a better idea But he just couldn't think of one, so he just went and climbed a big tall tree,to grab a cat down for a kid But then all of his ice had fallen out!!, But that gave him an
idea!! He'd get all of the ice in the world, and put all of it in his factory then he would blend it really fast to creat a slushie type thing and added koolaid to it.. tropical punch koolaid! He Called it ... the..... the Kool-Aid Slushie!! Then, all of the kids would want this new Cool Cold drink without having to add ice they definately wouldn't want any kewl-aid, they'd all want the koolaid slushie!!!!!!!! But there was a one problem...(By: Kevin)

It was in the middle of the winter! Why would someone want to eat ice cold things in the winter? So, he was back to where he started from... but he could use the slushie idea the next summer! So, he decided to take a walk. He walked past a candy store, and saw some kid steal a smaller kid's lollipop. The younger kid, about 2 years old, started screaming. "Excuse me, young man, but I don't believe that belongs to you."
"But... I really, really want some candy, Mr. Kool-Aid man!! It's not fair. Timmy, my little brother, gets all the candy because he's learning to potty train, and he gets candy when he does it right. I can do so many more things than Timmy can, and I never get candy! It just doesn't make any sense." Suddenly, a light bulb appeared above the Kool-Aid man's head. "I have a great idea! Meet me here at the same time tommorow!" he said to the boy, and ran off to his factory to make his brilliant new idea... Kool-Aid Kandy!!!

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